Yashar MoradiTechnology Leader and Agile Coach


About Me

/Who Am I

A seasoned technology leader, software architect and lean/agile coach.

During my more than 20 years of experience in design and development of location-based solutions, I had the opportunity to set up, coach, manage and cooperate with several very successful, very talented multinational product development teams.

Experienced Scrum master with strong enthusiasm for agile methodology.


/Work Experience

Jun. 2018

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

cloudeo AG Munich, Germany

Develop all technical aspects of the company’s scaling strategy to ensure alignment with business goals to grow rapidly Evaluating and implementing new methods, technologies and frameworks to enable scalability Overseeing infrastructure design and operations to ensure functionality, efficiency and cyber security Implement, monitor and manage team KPI’s and IT budgets to ensure high performance Communicate technology strategy to partners, investors and the tech community

Technical Lead; IndoorViewer

NavVis GmbH Munich, Germany

Team coaching (One on ones, pair programming, tech workshops, code dojos) Introduced the agile methodology to the team and implemented Scrum Scrum master Software Architecture and design to make the product more scalable and stable Preparing the migration paths to utilize new technologies Technical project management Recruitment management Developing and writing coding style guides as reusable templates for our IDE Introducing new tooling and setting up the integration to enhance the productivity and development experience Code review

Mar. 2017
Apr. 2014

Senior GIS Software Developer / Software Architect

GAF AG, Munich (Germany)

Architecture and design of geo-spatial software solutions Technical project management Consultancy with focus on solution architecture and geo-spatial data/analysis Software development (Cross-platform web/mobile) Database design and administration with focus on geospatial data Scrum master Team coaching for application of new technologies Developing and writing coding style guides based on design patterns and best practices Code review AngularJS Instructor

Solution Developer / Project Manager

Disy Informationssysteme GmbH, Karlsruhe (Germany)

Management of national and international projects Usability study and user interface design for mobile applications Mobile app development Development of Add-ins for ArcGIS Desktop Development of server back-end components Implementation of web services based on OGC WMS, WFS and CSW standards Development of client-side web applications Development of open-source JavaScript framework Technical support, consultancy, QA Database administration (Oracle, PostgreSQL, Informix, DB2, ArcSDE) System analysis, design and development of custom software solutions addressing the client requirements, based on company's core products, and integrated solution with third-party libraries/tools when required Development of in-house applications to speed up tasks (C#, Python) Development and implementation of GIS modeling / analysis and ETL routines

Sep. 2011
Jun. 2011

Software Developer – Navigation / GPS System

IT Power Consultants GbR, Berlin (Germany)

Participation in development of a navigation system prototype Performance monitoring

Technical Director (CTO)

J&A Geomatics Consultants, Tehran (Iran)

Management, coordination and supervision of all technical affairs of the company, including project management, task assignment, scheduling, and knowledge transfer System analysis, design and development for custom software solutions Database schema design and administration (MS SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL) Technical Support for PCI Geomatics software in Iran as well as design, implementation and supervision of PCI software training courses Advanced GIS modelling/analysis for mineral exploration/potential mapping, route selection, terrain analysis, scenario simulation Development of small in-house applications to speed up repetitive Tasks

Mar. 2003
Mar. 2000

Head; Technical Marketing and Support

J&A Geomatics Consultants, Tehran (Iran)

Technical marketing and support for PCI Geomatics software in Iran Technical marketing and support for SPOTImage satellite imagery Design, implementation and supervision of PCI software training courses Generation of presentation/marketing materials Participation in geomatics related exhibitions

GIS / Remote Sensing Analyst

J&A Geomatics Consultants, Tehran (Iran)

Digital photogrammetry, generation of Digital Elevation Model Processing and analysis of remotely sensed imagery (satellite and aerial) Compilation of GIS-ready datasets GIS modelling / analysis Digital cartography (preparation of professional map) Software development

Mar. 1996


Programming Languages:
C#, Java/JEE, Groovy, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, PL/SQL

AngularJS, SenchaTouch, ExtJS, jQuery, Node.js, Cordova, PhoneGap, Spring, Hibernate, JAXB

Geomatics Frameworks / Libraries:
GDAL/OGR, GeoTools, JTS, NTS, JSTS, OpenLayers, Proj4

Maven, NPM, Webpack, Bower, Gulp, Yoeman

SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, HSQLDB, Access

IntelliJ IDEA, Visual Studio, Eclipse

OS: OS X, Windows, Linux

Unit Testing: Junit, REST-Assured, Karma, Jasmine

Style Sheet: CSS, SASS, LESS


Web Server: Apache, Tomcat, Microsoft IIS

GIS/RS: ESRI ArcGIS Suite, PCI Geomatica, QGIS