GeoData Tech Advisory

With a long history as a CTO in the world of maps and location-based tech, my advisory services aim to help businesses extract maximum value from their geospatial products. Leveraging the power of GIS and data science, I provide expert guidance to enable you to fully exploit your geo-data, enhancing your service speed, efficiency, and turning your rich location data into actionable insights for intelligent business decision-making.

My service extends across the vast expanse of geospatial domains, ensuring that your business stays on the cutting edge of map-based technologies. Whether you're dealing with geographical information systems (GIS), spatial analysis, or data visualization, my comprehensive service offering is designed to meet your needs.

"Maps not only tell stories, but they also hold the keys to unlocking valuable insights that lead to better decisions." - James Cheshire

In today's dynamic landscape, geospatial technology holds the key to unlocking valuable insights and gaining a competitive edge. Here's how I can assist you:

  1. Map and Location-Based Product Enhancement: Utilizing my extensive knowledge of geospatial technologies, I aid in refining your map and location-based products. By identifying improvement opportunities and delivering concrete steps, we work together to reach your business objectives.
  2. Geo-Data Health Check and Speed Boost: Is slow or inconsistent data undermining your efficiency? With a keen eye for detail, I analyze your geo-data infrastructure, pinpoint performance bottlenecks, and provide solutions to enhance processing speed and data accuracy.
  3. Product Usability and Scalability Planning: My aim is to not only enhance your product's user experience but also prepare it for future growth. We collaboratively set achievable targets, and I recommend methods to amplify your product's functionality and extend its reach.
  4. Geospatial Data Integration Guidance: Integrating map data into your business operations can be challenging. With my assistance, you can seamlessly merge your location-data into your existing workflows for improved business operations and decision-making processes.
  5. Spatial Analysis and Data Visualization: In the realm of location-based data, understanding is key. My expertise in spatial analysis and data visualization transforms your geospatial data into easily comprehensible maps and graphics, facilitating informed business decisions.

Through these services, I strive to make the complex field of map and location-based technology accessible, insightful, and valuable for your business. With each step, we unlock the potential of your geospatial data, ensuring that your business stays ahead in this data-driven world. Let's embark on this transformative geospatial journey together.